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Top Social Network Apps around the world

Social Network Apps are an integral part of society today. Some people still ask themselves whether the whole digital trend is good or bad – whether it is dangerous for society or makes you a narcissist.
Social Networking has changed our world and has a strong impact on the business world, too. In order to better understand why Facebook and Co. are so popular and important, we have collected all important information below. If you are not just The BIGGER Book of Apps. There you will have even deeper insights into the crazy World of Apps.

What are Social Network Apps?

Social Network Apps are a subcategory of the social media. When it comes to connecting with others and staying in touch, that is called Social Networking. The vast majority of users (60%) are in the age range of 16-34 years.

 Social media subcategory for interact

Which App dominates what country?

As you might expect, Facebook dominates the whole world by far. Even the Asian outlier countries like Japan and South Korea are quite in line with the rest of the world – here too, Facebook is in first place.
Now to the few actual countries that are an exception to the Facebook domination:
China, which is dominated by QZone.
The East is being served by VKontakte (ВКонтакте) and Odnoklassniki.

Facebook dominates all. 

Which App is Second?

The second most used Social Networking App around the world is Instagram – widely spread. 
It is followed by Reddit, Twitter and Odnoklassniki. 

Which App has the most downloads?

The question which App is the best, meaning which App is top downloaded and therefore has the most users, is easily answered.  As you can already see from the world ranking, Facebook is the undisputed leader in Social Networks – also in terms of the number of Google Play Store Downloads.
With over +5 billion downloads, it is the one and only leader.
Odnoklassniki and VKontakte each could sell more than +100 million Apps.
And although Instagram can be found on more than +1 billion smartphones, it can still only establish itself as the Social Networking favorite in Iran.

Again Facebook is #1

Advantages of Social Networking Apps

Social Networking is for everyone: For business, gamers, moms, musicians, artists, just everyone! You can easily become part of the community without any restrictions.

Find groups that suit you:  With just a few clicks you can find groups or people who are passionate about the same things as you are. Just connect with them.

Make new friends: Even if virtual friends don’t count as real friendships for some people, many of them are created. Team up with like-minded people and let online acquaintances become deep real-life friends later.

Earn money easily: Making money quickly and efficiently in social media is not a theoretical science. You can earn money with social media very easily – you just have to know how to do it 

Get in touch and stay in touch.


Founded: February 2004
Headquarters: Menlo Park, USA
Revenue in 2019: 70.7 billion US$
Downloads in Google Play Store: +5 billion


Daily Users: 1.657 billion
Fake „Users“: 120 million
Employees: 25.000
City with most users: Bangkok with 35 million users
Last data from 2018

Offers Facebook Dating App


Founded: October 2010
Headquarters: Menlo Park, CA
Owned by: Facebook
Revenue in 2019: 20 billion US$
Downloads in Google Play Store: +1 billion


Daily Users: 500 million 
Monthly Users: 1 billion 
Last data from 2019


Founded: December 2003
Headquarters: Sunnyvale, CA
Owned by: Microsoft
Downloads in Google Play Store: +500 million


Users: 660 million 
Last data from 2020


Founded: July 2006
Headquarters: San Francisco, USA 
Revenue in 2019: 3.45 billion US$
Downloads in Google Play Store: +1 billion


Daily Users: 152 million
Last data from: 2018


Founded: 2016
Headquarters: Shanghai, China
Parent company: Bytedance
Revenue in 2019: 176.9 million US$
Downloads in Google Play Store: +1 billion


Monthly Users: 500 million
Last data from: 2019


Founded: February 2007
Headquarters: New York City and Richmond, VA
Owned by: Automattic
Downloads in Google Play Store: +100 million


Monthly Users: 437 million
Last data from: 2019


Founded: 2005
Headquarters: Shenzhen, China
Owned by: Tencent  
Revenue in 2016: 22 million US$


Monthly Users: 554 million
Last data from 2019


Founded: October 2006
Headquarters: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Owned by:
Revenue in the first quarter of 2017: 48 million US$
Downloads in Google Play Store: +100 million


Active Users: 100 million
Last data from 2019


Launched: March 2010
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Revenue in 2018: 750 million US$ 
Downloads in Google Play Store: +100 million


Monthly Users: 322 million
Last data: 2019


Founded: January 2007
Headquarters: Moscow, Russia
Owned by:
Downloads in Google Play Store: +100 million


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