Things to know about Channing Tatum
What Dating App is Channing Tatum on

Things to know about Channing Tatum

Google search suggestions are always something amusing. Seeing what other people wanted to know about the topic you’re looking for gives you deep insights into society and what really affects it. 

In my research on dating apps, I naturally also used Google search – and what do I discover when I start typing „What Dating App is…“?

The question the world is most concerned with: 

„What Dating App is Channing Tatum on?“ 

That came as a surprise! Sure, Channing Tatum is a cutie, no doubt – but is that really the question most people (men, and women) ask themselves about Dating Apps? 

I would not have expected that! But of course – as soon as you read Google’s suggestion for the question, you’ll be curious about the answer. And indeed: Google has the answer. 

Channing Tatum among all the other rich and famous, is said to be found on Raya. 

Good to know: Raya is a private Dating and Networking App for members of the entertainment industry. The admission into this select circle is hand-picked. The membership is of course not free.

But even if you make it on Raya – how do you get the attention of a superstar like Channing Tatum? Stand out of the crowd and make him fantasize about spending the rest of his life with you. 

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  1. Thanks for the hint. Now I know how to find Channing Tatum. What about Robert Downey Junior?

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