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Most popular Dating Apps

Dating Apps are now often the tool of choice when it comes to finding a partner – no matter if it is for a relationship or just sex. 
But it can be very difficult to find the right Dating App for yourself from the multitude of offers.

How do Dating Apps work?

1. Create a profile: Upload pictures; create a profile slogan describing yourself; specify your search parameter 
2. Set filters: To limit your search, you can set age limits, maximum distance, sexual orientation and other filters
3. Accept or reject candidates
4. Start chatting 
5. Have a date in person  
It varies from App to App whether you can register without a Facebook account, a profile picture, fees, activated tracking function and mobile phone number or not.

Choose candidates/photos you like, chat, date. 

Which App is biggest in which country?

As you can see on the world map, the different Dating Apps are spread all over the world. 
With America, Australia, a large part of Europe and India, Tinder is represented in the major industrial nations and enjoys great popularity there. 
Badoo, on the other hand, is a pioneer in the Eastern European, South American and Asian markets. At the same time, the London Dating App is also found in parts of Africa. 
Furthermore, the German-speaking countries are covered by Lovoo, Russia and Egypt by Frim and China by Momo.

Tinder and Badoo are the 2 Top Dating Apps. 

Which App is downloaded most often?

Tinder and Badoo are the most downloaded Apps in Google Play Store. With over 100 million downloads each, they are the absolute leaders in the Dating industry. 
Being strong in Central Europe, Lovoo follows the two market leaders with 50 million downloads. Further behind comes Frim with 15 million users.

Again Badoo and Tinder.

Do you need the App?

Both Badoo and Tinder work just as smoothly on the PC as they do as an App. In addition to the familiar login functions via Facebook, Google, or mobile phone number, you can also log into Badoo via MSN, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Yandex and Mail.Ru. 
Lovoo can also be reached online without an App, but the registration is only possible with Mail or Facebook. 
Frim instead only works as an App.

Tinder, Badoo and Lovoo – also works on the website

Advantages of Dating Apps

Free of charge: Most Dating Apps work great for free. Even though almost all Apps have a paid upgrade, very few users use them – especially since it works fine without one. 

Fast: With just a thumb swipe, you can connect with people who are eager to date, write with them and meet them immediately. Whether you are new to a place or have lived there forever.  

Visual: The advantage of the Apps is that you can decide within fractions of a second and usually only with one or a few pictures whether you find the person attractive or not. Even if this is very superficial, many people are visually influenced – therefore the system works very well.

Quick and dirty. 

Which App is the right one for me?

The single rate on Tinder is 54%. It shows, that not all users of a Dating App are looking for love. Many are looking for a one-night stand or Friend with Benefits. 
If you really want a firm relationship and don’t want to take a long way round, Tinder and Co. are probably not 100% right for you – even though Dating Apps are increasingly becoming the starting point for a relationship, too.
However, if you want to spend some pleasant hours with a visually appealing person, the swiping Apps, which are reducing everyone to outward appearances, are perfect for you.

For casual Dating the following Apps work great. 

How to get from match to date?

How to get him?: Men are from Mars, women are from Venus – we’ve all heard that phrase before. But how do you communicate on Mars? Find out how men communicate and win over your matches with the first chat messages. 


Founded: November 2006
Headquarters: London, England
Downloads in Google Play Store: +100 million

Most Popular Dating Apps

Total users: 453 million
Daily messages: 350 million
Available in: 190 countries and 47 languages
Last data from 2018


Founded: September 2012 
Headquarters: Los Angeles, USA 
Revenue in 2019: 1.2 billion US$ 
Owned by: Match Group
Downloads in Google Play Store: +100 million 

Best Dating Apps

Users: 50 million 
Total matches: 30 billion 
App views per day: 2 billion 
Daily swipes: 1.6 billion 
Daily matches: 30 million 
Percentage of singles in 2015: 54% 
Available in: 190 Countries
Last data from 2018 


Founded: October 2011
Headquarters: Dresden, Germany 
Revenue in 2017: 32.4 million US$
Downloads in Google Play Store: +50 million 

Top Dating Apps

Users: 70 million 
Monthly users: 5 million 
Daily users: 90.000 
Daily new registrations: 47,000
Main countries: Germany, Austria, France, Italy
Last data from 2017


Founded: July 2011
Headquarters: Beijing, China
Revenue in 2018: 13.4 billion US$

Best Dating Apps

Monthly users: 114 million 
Last data from 2019


Founded: December 2014
Headquarters: Austin, USA
In net revenue in 2018: 162 million US$
Downloads in Google Play Store: +10 million

Top Dating Apps

Monthly users: 5 million
Total users: 75 million
Total matches: 850 million
Employees: 70 
Available in: 150 countries
Last data from 2017

Women do have to make the first step and start a conversation


Founded: January 2004
Headquarters: New York, USA
Owned by: Match Group
Downloads in Google Play Store: +10 million

Most Popular Dating Apps

Daily messages: 7.3 million
Employees: 54
Last data from 2018


Founded: December 2007
Headquarters: San Francisco, USA 
Revenue in 2019: 300 million US$
Downloads in Google Play Store: +10 million

Most Popular Dating Apps

Users: 35 million
Available in: 80 countries 
Last data from 2018


Founded: March 2009
Headquarters: Los Angeles, USA
Downloads in Google Play Store: +10 million

Daily Users: 3.8 million 
Users from: 234 countries
Last data from 2018

For gay, bi, trans, and queer people

Most Popular Dating Apps


Founded: September 2013
Headquarters: San Francisco, USA
Downloads in Google Play Store: +1 million

Lesbian Dating Apps

For lesbian, queer, bisexual and bicurious women and non-binary people

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