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Best Chat Apps and Messaging around the world

Did you know that in 2019 an average of 41 million messages have been sent out every minute?
Chat Apps have become an indispensable part of our daily life. Whether it is for writing, making phone calls or even video calls – these Apps are always in constant use.
But what are the best Apps? And how secure are our favourite Apps really? In which country do I reach the most people with which App? We answer all your questions. 

What are Chat Apps?

Whether with orange, purple or black background, whether on the Ipad, Iphone, Samsung, or any other mobile phone or tablet, whether to meet new friends, to date or learn and improve English or another language – Chat Apps are omnipresent.

They are super easy to use: enter your mobile number, connect to the Internet – there you go. The only restriction: the one on other side must also have downloaded the same app.

Which App dominates what country?

To find out which chat App is the best, just take a look at the world map.
WhatsApp enjoys supremacy in South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.
It is followed by Facebook Messenger, which covers the densely populated parts of the world like America, Australia and parts of Europe.

While in most of the world 2 Apps share the market, Asia is the only exception:
WeChat in China, Viber spread all over the different continents, Line in Japan, Thailand and Turkemistan and KakaoTalk in South Korea. 

Which App has the most downloads?

As you can already see from the country statistics, WhatsApp is also market leader in the area of downloads in the Google Play Store. With more than 5 billion downloads, the App is once again clearly ahead of Facebook Messenger with a good 1 billion downloads.

While Viber and Line are in the range of 500 million downloads, WeChat and Telegram can still record over 100 million downloads for themselves.

Advantages of Chat Apps

Free live chat: What used to be the SMS can now be written free, quickly and without limit over the Internet.

Free live call: Calls have also almost died out since the quality of Internet calls with chat Apps has increased significantly.

Free live video: Especially for distant friends/relatives, video calling is pure gold. You can see and talk to each other – with quite acceptable quality, comfortably from your mobile phone.

Auto Translation: A Chat App with special service is TransFire. It translates simultaneously using the Google translator and therefor enables communication across language barriers.

Contact other Entrepreneurs: Alphapreneur helps you get in touch and start interacting with a community full of other Entrepreneurs like you. 

Double protection: Apps like Telegram can be protected with an extra password. This is very helpful when keeping secrets – for example from your partner.

Security of Chat Apps

The question of whether the most frequently used Apps are actually the best ones can be debated. Especially when you ask which App is how safe and which one is the most secure, opinions differ greatly and it always leads to discussions. 


Launched: May 2009
Headquarters: Mountain View, CA
Parent company: Facebook
Downloads in Google Play Store: +5 billion


Daily Users: 1 billion
Security: own security code in each chat, end-to-end encryption
Last data from 2017

Facebook Messenger

Launched: August 2011
Developer: Facebook
Downloads in Google Play Store: +1 billion

Facebook Messenger

Active Users: 1.3 billion
Last data from 2019

Security: end-to-end encryption


Founded: September 2011
Headquarters: Pacific Palisades, CA
Parent company: Snap Inc
Revenue in 2019: 1.715 million US$
Downloads in Google Play Store: +1billion


Daily Users: 218 million
Number of snaps in 2019: 1.3 trillion
Last data from 2019

Security: no guarantee of end-to-end encryption, possibility of interception of message by a third party


Launched: December 2010
Headquarters: Luxembourg
Parent company: Rakuten
Downloads in Google Play Store: +500 million


Users: 1 billion 
Used in: 193 countries
Employees: 14.000 
Last data from 2018

Security: end-to-end encryption


Launched: June 2011
Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
Owned by: Naver Corporation
Downloads in Google Play Store: +500 million


Security: password management, inability of third parties to view messages


Founded: August 2013
Headquarters: London, UK
Downloads in Google Play Store: +100 million


Users: 365 million
Last data from 2019

Security: encrypted using Diffie-Hellman secure key exchange and other combinations of encryption, provides best security combined with ease of use


Launched: January 2011
Headquarters: Shenzhen, China
Owned by: Tencent
Downloads in Google Play Store: +100 million


Daily Users: 902 million
Last data from 2018

Security: encryption of received and sent messages, inability of third parties to snoop messages

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