Are Social Networks good or bad?
How much digitality is good for us?

Are Social Networks good or bad?

Which one of us didn’t have to write an essay about social media or to be more specific about social networks at school?
I think many of us. The topic has been a real perennial issue since it came up around 2007.

Do social networks influence our society? Yes!
Are they good or bad? Both!
Should we be less influenced by social media? Maybe!
Do social networks destroy real friendships? Not necessarily!
Can digital acquaintances become real friends? Sometimes!
Aren’t the dangers on the net too great? There are dangers everywhere!

And often the bottom line is: Today’s youth (or indeed grownups) spend far too much time in the virtual world and spend far too little time in life, too little time outside, too little time in reality. 

We can’t go back to analogue – and we don’t want to

We must accept that, the question of „if…“ no longer arises – if the world would be a better place without Facebook and Co.; if we become more narcissistic, more aggressive, more uninhibited by the platforms.
It’s too late to change it, especially if you look at the Millenials, it’s clear that they don’t want to go back to an „analogue“ world. And neither do I.
Even if it sounds corny, I am, however, in favor of us dealing responsibly and reflectively with the powerful tool that is given to each and every one of us.

My approach:

– Don’t be subconsciously influenced by social media
– Question read posts and articles or images
– Make up your own mind
– Don’t try to chase after an illusory world that does not exist in reality – it will only make you unhappy
– Look over the edge of the tablet

And finally the most usefil hint I got for you:

Seeking the internet for further support! There are great guides to understand yourself better and make the best of your life. Personally I got great support and dapper insight through a friends website. I would absolutely recommend you to try it by yourself. You will be a happier person just after a few steps. 

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